cn.resellerclub.com域名dns被攻击了 服务器也被攻击了

TCP-SYN flood attack on one of our hosting IP addresses
Posted by on 09 June 2015 03:15:18 PM
We are facing TCP-SYN flood attack on port 25 of hosting server “” (, due to which the below mentioned subnet is under mitigation.

Subnet :
Affected IP address :
Affected Services : Mail service hosted on the server “”.

We have applied global filters on the IP address “” in which we have noticed the attack. You should not face any issues on other IP addresses of this range “”.

We will keep this thread updated with the latest developments. If you face issues while accessing websites or mails hosted on this subnet, please get touch with our Support help desk with the ‘traceroute’ result and your ISP details so that we can check it further.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused due to this.
Attack on DNS
Posted by on 09 June 2015 01:53:48 PM
We are currently facing an attack on the OrderBox DNS servers, on account of which the DNS records (A, MX, PTR, etc…) could not be fetched.

Below are the IP addresses which have been null routed due to the attack:

We are working in co-ordination with the data center to mitigate this attack as soon as possible. Please follow this thread for more information.

Feel free to contact the support team, in case of any further queries or concerns.